To support youth to answer the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’

We are a one stop shop to support a younger generation in their key developmental years, while teaching them practical life skills through fun activities.


Upto uses social media as a tool to gather feedback and content from our followers to develop an online directory targeted at individuals 25 years and under. Our platform is used to easily find places to visit and fun things to do in New Zealand.  Included in the platform is mental health and well-being information, and competitions. Although we are encouraging people 25 years and under to use the platform, it will be a valuable resource for all – especially parents, caregivers, educators and youth organisations.

Upto supports not only young people, but all members of communities that benefit from positive community engagement and help minimise social issues. Isolation, mental health, unemployment and general boredom can all be minimised with the use of the platform.

Revenue generated via our platform is used to fund activities that teach life skills, new and emerging technologies while fostering a drive for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurs.

Stage 1 of Upto is creating content for our online platform. Videos submitted by followers are used to map New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific through entertaining short videos.

Any business, community group or organisation that caters to under 25s can list in our directory. Listings in our directory consist of a short concise description of the organisation and links to their website and social media pages. If organisations don’t have a marketing budget we just ask that you promote Upto on your social media channels. For organisations with a marketing budget we charge according to the number of followers on our social media channels so the sooner you join the more affordable the advertising will be.

We will contract youth to create the videos for businesses that want to feature in our video map. If you are interested in this option contact us admin@upto.social. You don’t need to be a professional videographer, if you have created videos before put together a portfolio of your work and apply to be included in our database.

We ask followers, individuals or groups, who want to support youth in New Zealand, to create short entertaining, emotive or educational videos.  The video must showcase their talent and the location of the video.  The aim is to map New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific with short entertaining videos. The talent in the video doesn’t need to relate to the location we just want to showcase how talented New Zealanders are but we do encourage followers to create videos that retell pieces of history from the location, myths or legends. The video map can showcase and direct you to locations that could include rivers, waterfalls, beaches, skate parks, bush walks, picnic stops, look outs, tennis courts, sports fields, playgrounds, anywhere that a youth could spend time.

Another suggestion for a short video could be a day in your town for a toddler, kindy, primary, intermediate, secondary or tertiary aged youth. Any videos featuring businesses will be contacted before being published on our map.

The videos give participants the opportunity to win amazing prizes. The first prize announced is $1000 and 2 tickets to our launch party.  All videos submitted will be asked to nominate a school. The school with the most published video nominations will win $2000 worth of sportswear from Rokket Sportswear NZ. Follow our social media pages as more prizes will be randomly posted. Video's will also be randomly posted and will win spot prizes! 

For followers with YouTube channels, this is the perfect opportunity in increase your subscribers. 

We want videos that showcase:

  • singers, dancers, cultural groups, poets, musicians, comics, any talent imaginable

  • education groups, community groups or families can retell a piece of history from the location

  • reenact a myth or legend from the location

  • use digital technology to create a digital story about the location

  • use your imagination, be creative, think outside the box, make it memorable!

We have plans to support Educators with the ability to upload lesson plans and health and safety linked to the locations.  Children who are actively involved in our coordinated activities will learn virtues and social skills. There lives open up to new possibilities, greater joy and fulfillment.

Stage 2 of Upto we support youth organisations by offering targeted marketing of their services and events. Our database of supporters will be well informed of the activities in their region specifically catered to their demographic.

Stage 3 of Upto we fund activities and events that teach youth life skills. We strengthen communities by coordinating all the unused resources in our communities, including individuals with a lifetime of skills, by creating activities or events for youth.  We take every precaution to ensure the safety of youth and volunteers at our events.  Youth will be introduced to the daily goings on of different career or employment opportunities, take part in activities like fishing or setting traps to catch pests or introduced to horticultural skills. Upto will host Give it a go sports days where youth can take part in sports they may not have had the opportunity to try.

We will support communities by building a network of positive role models around our youth and create activities for social, economic and environmental well-being through activities that support mind, body, spirit and whanau. The possibilities are endless and involvement in these activities will encourage new friendships, cure boredom, teach compassion and will support mental health and well-being, strengthening communities. We work to break down the barriers that are causing isolation for all members of our society.

Stage 4 of Upto is all about business. Through involvement in Upto, youth will discover passions and maybe a career that encompasses their passions. We want to encourage and educate youth about design mentality solve problems and develop it into a profitable business. We want to help youth answer the question What do you want to be when you grow up?

We will host start-up weekends, business skill workshops and provide mentors for youth interested in developing their own businesses. If after participation in the workshops and development of their ideas, there is a viable business we will fund the start-up with a small share in the company coming back into the Upto business fund.

Stage 5 of Upto we would like to develop a few social initiatives to support youth unemployment, support talented youth and also support youth who have made bad choices and involved in the justice system or incarceration.  The development of stages 1 - 3 will help us prepare to roll out the following initiatives:

  • An employment agency where youth can register to find employment; the agency fee can go straight back into Upto to support our social initiatives. We will run workshops to teach employment skills, put youth into job placements to gain experience, help develop problem solving skills and nurture common sense. Involvement in Upto will nurture excellent employees.

  • A talent agency where Upto will support our up and coming sports stars physically, mentally, spiritually and also support their family.

  • A support system for youth who have been incarcerated. We will support them to make the right choices, stay out of the justice system and forge a new positive pathway for their future. For the ones already in incarceration we want to start developing the relationship while inside and offer support when they leave in accommodation with a support service to gain drivers licences, employment skills, positive role models and a wrap around service that will discourage them returning to the environment that put them in jail in the first place.

    ‘Dream big, its the first step to success’

‘Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars. When you aim high, aim higher than you ever thought, because if it wasn't meant to be you'll still shine’.