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We want individuals and groups, who want to support youth in New Zealand, to send us entertaining videos from fun locations in New Zealand.  The videos will be used in our Places to Visit feature of UPTO? The video map will be used to discover what a truly beautiful part of the world we are all blessed to live in.

We want videos that entertain us with comedy or educate us about our history – it could be your own family history, your town's history or a local myth or legend. We want to showcase just how talented Kiwi’s are.  Dance, sing, flip, manu, do make-up, recite poetry, zumba, be as creative as you like.

*** WARNING ***

Any videos where you put yourself, others or animals in danger will not be accepted.  Please ensure you check the location for any hazards before filming. Your welfare is of paramount importance, we do not want anyone to be injured while making these videos so be very mindful of your surroundings.


  • Win prizes – the first prize we have announced is $1000 and 2 tickets to our launch party which will be chosen by our followers on social media. More prizes will be announced at random on our social media pages so make sure you have selected 'See First' in the following tab on Facebook.

  • If your a YouTuber and your video is selected its a great way to increase your subscribers!

  • Being creative and getting out into nature is a great way to spend your day and a excellent activity to cure your boredom.

  • Be part of a revolution. UPTO? is a platform being created for youth to help fund activities that teach youth life skills and new and emerging technologies while fostering innovation, creativity and entrepreneurs. We strengthen communities with fun and food at the heart of everything we do.

To enter email your contact details to:

You will be sent instructions to upload your video to our Dropbox account.

'The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination' 

Albert Einstein