Follow the instructions below to try our app. This is just a demo. We will not publish the app until it is full of content which we are sourcing from our followers.

Give us your feedback on what features you like or dislike and if there is something you would like the app to do or other features you would like added just fill out the feedback form inside the app.

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play

  2. Install - C3PO App Previewer

  3. Username - demo

  4. Password - 9204id

Thanks to the feedback we have already received we are now changing the video map feature to also include the events. The app will also open straight into the map as some users were not aware that you need to tap on the location becons to gain access to the videos.

Also public toilets have been another suggestion. Thank you so much for the feedback, keep it coming!

As this is our beta app, we appreciate feedback and suggestions to help improve our platform.